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Pool Plastering FAQ

1. What is replastering?

When your pool surface is old, stained, and rough, replastering is done to add a new finish to your pool.

2. What sets Diamond Cut Pool Plastering apart from other pool plastering companies?

At Diamond Cut, we believe that customer service on owner supervision separate us from the other pool plastering companies.

3. Why should I choose Diamond Cut?

We offer a friendly, reliable experience where we always go out of our way to help the customer with the right decision.

4. How soon can I receive a quote?

Normally, you can get a free quote within a couple of days or whenever it is convenient for you.

5. Can I remodel my pool in the winter?

Yes! Pools can be remodeled in winter but there may be delays due to inclement weather.

6. How long will a remodel take?

Depending on what you want done, a pool remodel my take ten days to three weeks but we will go out of our way to get the work done as soon as possible without cutting any corners.

7. Are any parts of constructions particularly messy?

Any construction work can be messy but our crews make sure that you are satisfied with the finished product and our owners supervise every job.

8. Do I have to replace my pool filtration equipment when my pool is replastered?

No, you don't have to replace the equipment but there is nothing wrong with a good upgrade during a remodel.

9. How soon can I go swimming after construction is finished​?

When the pool is filled with water after construction completed, it must be treated and brushed for best results before swimming.

10. How long do the pool finishes last?

New plaster can last as long a fifteen years if the chemicals are treated properly and you take good care of the pool.


Pool Finishes

1. Does every pool need to be stripped?

If your pool have been replastered two or three times or the plaster is so delaminated it's coming off it is a sign that the old plaster should be stripped.

2. What are the advantages of using quartz?

Quartz is a nice additive that increases the strength of regular plaster and is fairly smooth.

3. What are the advantages of using a pebble finish?

Pebble finishes are one of the strongest finishes and and have the natural look of a spring or a beach

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